how are some more certain of everything than i am of anything?….

easter sunday

Posted by rmwjr on April 20th, 2014

He is risen
He is risen indeed



got skywatch trailer from phoenix with 10ft Uhaul truck. i should have does this several months ago.

right foot swollen from activity yesterday missed taking anti inflammatory.

to–>If you choose to believe in evolution versus creation you have far more faith than me.

–i responded–>faith is what you use when evidence is inadequate to be confident of an idea that the evidence points at.
there is no faith needed to understand evolutionary theory, the evidence is overwhelming and offers an excellent framework for understanding biology. young earth creationism is not an exercise in faith but a denial of clear evidence, it is contrary to good reasoning and an understanding of the physical world.


FamilyTreeDNA & YCC 2010: haplogroup I2a2b (shorthand I-L161), SNP L161+
ISOGG 2013: haplogroup I2a1b2, SNP L161.1/S185
Genographic Project 2.0: haplogroup I2B2A2
23andMe: no proper designation (V2: I2a2a, V3: I2a2, V4: I2a2a)
—–L161+ L1498+ B2a


got olive oil, learn to make soap

Water 11.400 182.400 5170.949
Lye – NaOH 4.021 64.342 1824.071
Oils 30.000 480.000 13607.760
Fragrance 0.000 0.000 0.000
15 lbs each olive and avocado

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palm sunday, weekly links list

Posted by richard on April 13th, 2014

trucks, nice diesel, land in amado RV at auction


ross’s wedding




bought lots of wood at the auction.
and a suv for $850 in phoenix

By preparing the pies, subs, and salads for carry-out, delivery, or serving them at the restaurant as late as 3 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday (11 p.m. other days) and as early as 835 B.C.E., the staff accommodates diners of many tastes and schedules.


the tyranny of the status quo.
how long does it take before new ideas established in institutions becomes common wisdom?
at least for the generation who opposed it died off.
new ideas don’t seem to penetrate old minds. just the young ones.

rats, i’m one of the old minds now……

“On any subject, especially in religious studies, there are a thousand books in the library. Of these, only a hundred are still worth reading at all, and ten of them are the best. One of those is the best of all, and in it one chapter will summarize the essential information; given that, you can keep up with current research. The real task of a graduate mentor is to tell you how to find that chapter, because life is too short to waste time on those other 990 books.”


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xmas day walk-phoenix indian school park

Posted by richard on April 11th, 2014

started entry Tuesday – 12/25/12


it reminds me that history, at least the history written in public parks and on brass plaques is written by the winners of cultural battles.

the informational pieces on the circular walk around the remaining 3 big buildings of the phoenix indian school park is no exception.




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it’s monday, more reading links

Posted by rmwjr on April 7th, 2014

monday morning.



tasks to get done—list tools, watch cosmos?, flush fish tank



Date Aired Episode Name Setting Date Set
1993 Sharpe’s Rifles Retreat to Coruña 1809
1993 Sharpe’s Eagle Battle of Talavera 1809
1994 Sharpe’s Company Siege of Badajoz 1812
1994 Sharpe’s Enemy Defence of Portugal 1813
1994 Sharpe’s Honour Battle of Vitoria 1813
1995 Sharpe’s Gold Spain 1813
1995 Sharpe’s Battle Franco-Spanish Border 1813
1995 Sharpe’s Sword Franco-Spanish Border 1813
1996 Sharpe’s Regiment England 1813
1996 Sharpe’s Siege Bordeaux 1813
1996 Sharpe’s Mission France 1810 & 1813
1997 Sharpe’s Revenge Toulouse 1814
1997 Sharpe’s Justice Peace of 1814 1814
1997 Sharpe’s Waterloo Battle of Waterloo 1815
2006 Sharpe’s Challenge India 1803 & 1817
2008 Sharpe’s Peril India 1818
i got all of them off youtube, nice, thank you itv


In 2012, an estimated 356,000 mentally ill inmates were being held in state prison, compared to just 35,000 in state-run psychiatric hospitals. In other words, the number of mentally ill people in prisons is ten times that of mentally ill in state-run psychiatric hospitals. your inner fish on pbs



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just reading links

Posted by rmwjr on April 3rd, 2014

re: “Most of it said the same stuff”…. how to use a google search to determine if things are likely true or not? when lots of places use the same words then you should suspect a single point origin for that information followed by a wide distribution. look at “stock tips” for a very good example. it is when the same information is being found that is different in wording and structure that indicates more reliable information oftentimes. because it has multiple sources. look at the snopes article about the nursery rhyme. it’s method is to find variants both through time and in wording. why? in the same way at textual criticism organizes the new testament witnesses into families, they are looking for probable points of origin for the words. the point? you can say the same stuff exactly and in different ways, those different ways often point to a greater reliability that in the identical/copied way.


It’s obvious why creationists would not want to be associated with flat-earthers, but it’s not at all obvious why we should let them get away with it, given how similar their arguments, assumptions and purposes are. In discussing the internal divisions of Bible science, Shadewald wrote:

“Though flat-earthism is as well-supported scripturally and scientifically as creationism, the creationists plainly do not want to be associated with flat-earthers….

“[Y]oung-earth creationism closely resembles the flat-earth movement. In fact, young-earth creationism, geocentrism, and flat-earthism are respectively the liberal, moderate, and conservative branches of the Bible-science tree. The intense hostility expressed by the scientific creationists toward the flat-earthers does not extend to modern geocentrists, who hover on the edge of respectability among creationists. Indeed, though the Bible is, from Genesis to Revelation, a flat-earth book, the geocentrists have combined forces with liberal creationists to cast the flat-earthers into outer darkness.”

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setting up

Posted by rmwjr on April 2nd, 2014

[email protected]

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obit for reynold c mason

Posted by rmwjr on March 30th, 2014

Reynolds C. Mason;
free-lance artist
Reynoldi C, Mason, at 14
Central Road, died Sunday in
Atlantic City Medical Center.
MB was 75.
Retired, he was a free-knee
(artist in Philadelphia many
years and was associated with
the Frankford Arsenal,
Previous to his retirement, he
taught portrait painUng at the
Cultural Arts Center, An
Army veteran, he was ttie
post arUst for tie Edgemont
Arsenal, Md, Bom in
Philadelphia, he formerly
Bved mStonehurst ana, Pa.,
coming here IS years ago.
Surviving are his wife,
Eleanors, (nee Sehreeder)i a
son, William Gramme! of
Warminster, Pa,- two
daughters, Jeanette Dugan of
Hulmont Heights, Pa., and
Eneanor Losch of L«vlttown,
« .; 17 granddiildrwi; and
»ven great grandchildren.
Services were held
yesterday (Wednesday) at the
Godfrey Funeral Home, 809
Qmtra! Av. with the Rev,
David Waterman offieiaHng.
Werment was ui Seaside
Cemetery, Palermo,

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a few reading links

Posted by rmwjr on March 24th, 2014

so instead of funding child care and employment services or homeless help we pay for CPS, police and jails. instead of a hand up our society offers a ball and chain. why is it so much easier to pay for force and violence then for love, concern and help?


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bad karma

Posted by rmwjr on March 6th, 2014

anthony roberts 520-270-6238, he lives in catalina, pima co. arizona. i believe on n Lago Del Oro Pkwy.

his girlfriends name is tracey fox, the phone is in her name, i suspect because of this review he will change his phone number for he emailed me that he had found it. he is undoubtedly doing the same thing to other people as he did to us. sad, he is more than capable of making a good living, it is a shame he’d rather steal than work well and honestly being content with his wages.

we hired him to clean out and repair our retirement mobile home in picture rocks.
in dec he repaired the garage roof, put tin we bought on it, then he “fixed” the mobile roof. then he told us he could remove the trash and make it livable, that was 1st week of jan…..

we paid him half for materials then 5 weeks later he insisted we pay the rest so he could get a dump trailer in new mexico for a gonga of a price.

and he stopped working and disappeared, his girlfriend tracy even showed up one day looking for him, less than half way through the project. first he told us he was at disneyland, then that his mom had a stroke in SLC and a week later that she had died. now we’re nearly at the end of feb, when he told us it would be livable. but what we have is: a double door we supplied was attached with just a few fasteners, it took us 2 weekends to get it installed right. the drywall was not completed in the house-not taped or textured, he claimed to be an expert at drywall. the garage had only the ceiling done. it’s a long way from being livable which is what he promised to do for the money. because of my arthritis it will literally take me a year to complete a job we already paid for. without any savings to buy materials.

we are out our carefully saved retirement money that was saved literally a dollar at a time as we raised 6 kids. and we still have to fix up the mobile before my wife can retire. so all our hopes and dreams have been stolen along with our money.

do not hire this man. he is a liar and a thief.

for example,

he told us the trailer he was using to haul out trash he bought for $12k. it was actually borrowed from his neighbor.

he used white roof coating to seal the rolled roofing. because WE had already bought it. they make rolled roofing adhesive, we had to redo and paint the roof so it won’t leak, over $450 for paint we expected him to buy with our money. because the first rain every room on the west side leaked and the edge blew up because it had not been properly glued. two more weekends of work for us, that we had already paid for.

we had 3 windows to replace.  he never bought them. now we have to board them up until we can save enough to get used windows.

he said he was going to fix the floor joists before replacing the damaged areas of the floor. it took us 2 days to remove his floor and put in new pillars to fix the sag in two rooms. things any good craftsman would have done.

warning signs:

in retrospect we should have seen.

he didn’t get along with his workers. a steady stream of new people were at the house working.

he never did give us receipts for what he had bought with the first half of the money. kept saying he would tomorrow, that they were in his wife’s truck. we should have stopped right there.

we should have asked for a roc number. required if work exceeds $1000, something we didn’t know then. it is your only protection from dishonest people in the construction trade, use it, ask for it, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish as we were.

anyhow, if you googled here with his name or phone number, don’t deal with him. he has advertised in the past the he does car mechanics work as well as home repairs. please learn from my error in judgement. we are out our lifetime savings and no way of ever making that money back because i foolishly trusted this man…..if you need a photo of him to be sure you are dealing with the same person please email me.

we contacted a lawyer via those first 30 min free offers, he said we could report the fraud to the police but it’s unlikely without a written contract or him having an ROC number that we can collect our stolen savings from him. but we are worried that we are just one of many of his victims, so i am writing up my experiences dealing with him here.

as Calvin said, there is enough justice in this world that we know what justice is, but the larger amount is left unpunished leading us to believe a greater judgement is coming. i sincerely hope he was right.

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some notes

Posted by rmwjr on March 3rd, 2014

a place to poke around more when i have the time:






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