how are some more certain of everything than i am of anything?….


Posted by rmwjr on December 19th, 2014

went to phoenix to pickup auction load
had mortar mixer to take up for someone who came but it didnt fit in his truck
had metal for the roof and nice golf cart lined up to see.
he cancelled the stuff was sold. ugh.
then i went to get titles, 88$ in penalties for not getting it done in 15 days.
more govt crap. i paid more to register the trailer for one year than i did to buy it.
$125 vs $105. fees should be capped at 25% of value of vehicle.


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more rain tomorrow…ugh.

Posted by rmwjr on December 12th, 2014

friday evening at frog pharm

4am saturday morning
expect cold front ad rain from calif pineapple express

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, “this is where the light is.”
streetlight effect

re: True beliefs are very unlikely to be necessary and/or efficient for survival. … the ability to accurately model the world around you is of great survival value. in fact look at many of these are anchored in their survival valve. one of my favorites is which like many of our mental illusions is based in the fact that death and great loss are very serious problems but the flip side, false positives for danger simply release a bit of adrenaline. the penalty for missing the lion is the grass is disproportionately greater than seeing a lion when there isn’t one. but in any case, accurate beliefs are necessary for survival, the question is if there is a positive feedback increasing the accuracy over time. given the depth of our mental illusions i suspect close is good enough. so that more true beliefs are of survival value over less true beliefs, but the difference between them must be pretty large to be detected by natural selection over time.

sunday morning

sunday evening in front of fireplace. nice

back home

if alma will be able to retire in 2015 we need to cut expenses and get rid of our credit card
sell most of the trailers, get rid of most stuff at the house
here’s to austerity

next time at mcd


dennys in eloy

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another weekend,cold and wet, no power

Posted by rmwjr on December 6th, 2014

at frog pharm

sunday dawn over frog pharm

3 new panels wired & stove pipe in, lit fire in it tonight.

a new week

i think you are on the right track on how to deal with YEC selective literalism. the OT writers had no idea of either the size or age of the universe. the 3 storey model. earth in the middle, hell under our feet and heaven just outside the rather nearby firmament permeates the Scriptures from Gen 1 to the 2nd coming where all people can see Jesus’ return. like the 3 temptations and the ascension only makes sense in a flat earth model. by concentrating on the size of their ancient model via the firmament you show that this immense universe was not in their minds in any way. its just a small step to see that the age is a parallel argument.

it’s about about how communities build and use models of the physical universe while doing their theology. YECs have a model that does not stretch to accommodate the modern scientific notions of the age of the universe. but at the same time it has been able to stretch to allow the immense universe mankind has discovered. why?

re: I choose to believe God rather than the word of man. ….. no,you choose to believe a particular community’s interpretation of Scripture. this is as much the work of men as is science. your theology is built on the words of human beings talking about Scripture, telling you what it means and how to read it. this gambit is a favorite of KH/AiG. unless you are in direct communication with God you are a product of a Biblical interpretative community, often a church but not necessarily so. it is only because YEC are historically myopic that you do not realize that your communities interpretation has been changing due to the work of individuals over the years. . “I choose to believe God rather than the word of man” is far better said as “i chose to believe what i’ve been taught by men about what the Bible says over what over men have said they have discovered about the universe”

the filing fee for small claims tax case is $153
at least our gold stock went up today
turned little refrig on, running off 24v motor-gen on main battery bank,


needed 32×80 exterior metal door

40% chance of rain saturday

2nd week i’ve gotten slop.bread for the pigs.goats from the food line.

i think this is where our lot is

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big to do list this week. i’m sure i’m forgetting something

Posted by rmwjr on November 30th, 2014

more sunday night
listing things for sale all evening. 20min per item on the average


joe started cooking his pig tonight. wow.

this weeks projects
get 3 new solar panels setup on roof
get greenhouse footings done

got a pickup full of veggies and vread for the goats at the food line aquaponics

unusual cold winter rain.


rv solar system

pregnant sow in phoenix

raining damp cold ugh

we live in the Sonoran desert.
a major tree is called the green stick,
everything grows so slowly that a saguaro or an ironwood can be hundreds of years old,
and not much taller than you are.

we get 10 to 12 inches of rain per year in a dozen storms.
water is precious and expensive, 1.5 cents per gal we pay on the average.

it might be rainy-cloudy 20 days per year.
so where is my sun?
4 days now without getting a full charge on the batteries and now it rains!?….
looks like an all day rain cloud coming from the south. ugly, gray, low, cold.
today is the day we dreamed about in june when it was 110 with 3% humidity

at least the dirt road out front is still passable. being stuck out here by a raging muddy river is not fun.

i guess 0001 counts as friday

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remember that hot day in july?

Posted by rmwjr on November 24th, 2014

coldest day yet, under 40, moving tilapia inside, lost at least 1 smaller one.
at least the big ones are moving.
another should have done yesterday job


missed a lot of smaller darker tilapia
they were frozen and lifeless in the tank
put them in warm drum inside to see if they will revive

it is not this simplistic either or choice between something labelled capitalism and something labelled communism.
it is this complex evolution of political and economic systems.that form several axis of interest.
politics is dominated by an authoritarian vs libertarian axis followed by a individual vs collective axis.

in economics we have the monetization=creation for exchange vs creation for use axis as well as centralization vs distributed
in our current rendition of capitalism we have the commanding heights dominated by finance and military followed closely by oil/energy.
we think everything has a price and prices reflect value.
they make money by privatizing profits and commonizing costs.

got 63 gal propane hot water heater, he paid over $200 for the conversion kit


solar panels


LEARN a SKILL like most of your kids and you get the higher paying jobs.

the most difficult thing i’ve ever tried to do is garden.
a good farmer is one of the wisest and most skilled people in any society.
in most modern societies he barely makes minimum wage.
we are going into a huge transformation of the world.
climate change, destruction of the environment and numbers of people are going to make lie difficult at best until humanity works out new ways of organizing itself to produce what is necessary for people to lie.we won’t see it, but our grandchildren might, if solutions are found and implemented in time.

buffett is an interesting person. he seems to understand that it is a problem of power relationships in society that make the rules that is the problem. the problem is the destructions of the unions which were the only countervailing power in our society to the capitalists.

what is going to happen when computer start putting lots of lawyers doctors etc out of work?
what happened to all the skilled weavers when the power loom was invented?



-=-=-=- #2 ibc aquaponics #3 200w solar panels—bought them $395

at frog pharm

joe moved in his rv out at frog pharm

sunday morning watching sunrise over tucson mts
52F out, 60F inside, weight 315, time 6:40, we’ve owned frog pharm for 1 year

nothing makes me feel older than the kids having birthdays.
they should stop this disturbing practice….
pick a birthday number you like and just stay there.

happy bday evie.
and of course j was 40 two weeks ago….ugh.
i think i’ll just sit here watching the sunrise over the tucson mts and listening to our roosters crow.

and look forward to my next 19th.

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goat yes, pig no.

Posted by rmwjr on November 18th, 2014

tuesday morning at home

warren found new pugh data, a book by lloyd pugh in u of va library

why are conservatives pursuing these policies?
along with voter id

there seems to be no commitment to the ideal of one person one vote but rather a win at any costs mentality.

i have a full size, about 125 lb, la mancha male goat that was used as a pack animal for deer hunting season. i have the pack, board and cinches for him. he carries about 45 lbs, eats and drinks along the way so he’s no extra burden.

i’d like to rent him out. it seems a waste just having him as a pet when he really likes walking with people.

so i’ll rent him out. $100 deposit $20 for 1st day, $10/day after that.
i’ll deliver him and pick him up for gas money.
otherwise get him in picture rocks
boots the goat

tuesday at frog pharm

looking at a greenhouse—-got it, now to move it here….




things looking to buy

got greenhouse apart and home. erect it this week.


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hopefully another 500W

Posted by rmwjr on November 12th, 2014

looking at some more solar panels this morning…420W at 17V, inverter and 30a charge controller for $250

research topic, solar tracker

looking at an electric golf cart with 6 batteries tomorrow
and a pot bellied pig

got cart. batteries are ok. wiring is crappy. charging on solar panels now

a cold friday morning just before dawn, must be 60 out

All the world’s a stage
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143

friday evening, back home

saturday morning at mcd’s
no more cox wifi at work. saving the $40/month is crucial.

we need to work out what ownership means in a sophisticate industrial society.
our systems evolve as technology changes the way we do things.
the big change in the industrial revolution was large scale capture of fossil fuel energy.
first charcoal, then coal, now oil.
what was created then was the joint stock company, a way to organize large scale endeavors that previously had been accomplished only by kings. in fact, the joint stock co was originally a warrant from the king, see east india co for an excellent example. our current corporate ownership patterns evolved from there. the problem is capital accumulation follows the genetic family. when in fact the majority of profits are from the society at large.
some form of socialism or community ownership is essential as more and more people are superfluous to the creative industrial activity under the current rules.

first people were dispossessed of their land in the enclosure acts and forced into the cities as fodder for factories.
now factories will be fully automated with almost no need for human work.
the day is soon coming where the system produces everything without most people having any part in the process.


have a goat to get monday. pig will be delivered next saturday. we were unable to get it into the truck safely.

solar controllers top of the line outbacks

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windy, must be cold front passing through

Posted by rmwjr on November 6th, 2014

thursday morning
ghillie kettle boils in a few minutes. nice to have hot coffee
broke glass on solar oven yesterday. ugh. my favorite tool.

ordered unions for copper pipe work

research topic
missing the controller for my parabolic trough hot water heater

friday early morning
ship fountain, get hydroponics, get in food line

i just don’t understand conservative folks. otoh, i thought they disliked govt, but yet they greatly increase it’s power over who elects them by pushing govt picture id required for voting. to stop a non existent problem. otoh thought they distrusted govt, i just had a conservative friends respond to the fact that there are literally 1000’s of ways to lose your drivers license, all under govt edict, he responded “good idea” get the neer do wells off the rolls.

n. The improper or ignorant use of scientific or technical language to make a false or impossible claim seem more believable.



4 day weekend-saturday




stop for two minutes at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, not just to remember the dead from so many wars but to think about how to bring peace to a war-racked world. the best way to remember veterans day is to make no more soldiers of young people sending them off to kill and to be killed. if we spent a small fraction on peace and conflict resolution that we do on war our grandchildren would have to ask “what is a veteran?”

Scientists by and large need another explanation for the creation
because most do not believe in God. Evolution is their religion.

i hear this but the history of both geology and biology clearly show that the work on an ancient world and the significance of the fossil record was done by Christians looking for the noahic flood and finding the truth about the world that we now understand. the majority of scientists were Christian until the mid 20thC. science is not atheistic is is agnostic. but people like Ken Ham and AiG claim that there is no middle ground between young earth and modern geology, thus making young Christians choose between their yec faith and the world as it is. a sad false dilemma

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getting cooler, 90 tonight, 80 tomorrow, 70 sunday and birrr 60’s

Posted by rmwjr on October 31st, 2014



genealogy alert.

Mason. i’ve been slowly working through several dozen Mason graves in arlington cemetery, drexel hills Philadelphia.

first it corrected an error, i had the wrong henry john mason jr attached to my ggfather henry john mason sr. so i fixed that error which was corrected by following pallbearers for James fulton mason, they turned out to be the right henry j mason jr and his son gilbert. i noticed that several of this generation worked as printers so i found the company cox&mason and traced those folks. nothing big.

but in looking carefully i found a missing death certificate for hnery j jr. and it listed his moms maiden name stevenson. i had thought it might be fulton because several sons had that as a middle name.

well, back at arlington i found that another son of richard and margaret mason-mathew was buried there with his wife’s family, the stevensons. i already had plotted those i could find and poof a matilda born the right year 1846, father born phila and mother in ireland.. DOUBLE COUSINS. mathew and henry sr married sisters, elizabeth and matilda. and their mother’s maiden name is —yep. fulton. and everything falls into place.

what a rush.

sunday morning
up to 3am working on mason lineage




about ken ham
the big question is why is he so admired and followed in the evangelical community? what is it about his preaching that resonates with so many? part of it is the general anti-intellectualism of this part of the church. part of it is the general persecution ideal that you have to hold to the faith in the face of opposition. but there’s lot more to his appeal and i feel a desire to understand what it is. why the person in the pew next to me believes something i find irrational. and ignorant, yet he has no desire to learn.


How to compose a successful critical commentary:

You should attempt to re-express your target’s position so clearly, vividly, and fairly that your target says, “Thanks, I wish I’d thought of putting it that way.
You should list any points of agreement (especially if they are not matters of general or widespread agreement).
You should mention anything you have learned from your target.
Only then are you permitted to say so much as a word of rebuttal or criticism.



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Teresia Josefina Carlsdotter

Posted by rmwjr on October 30th, 2014

i have an interesting problem that i’m not making any progress with.

this couple:
Teresia Josefina Carlsdotter
Birth 3 nov 1867 in Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län (Västergötland)
Benjamin Emanuel Johannson
Birth 11 June 1859 in Gunnarp Parish, Halland Ian, sweden

i have their 1900-1910-1920-1940 US Federal census data
i have 2 daughters and 3 sons for them.

i’m looking for living descendants to offer dna tests to in order to show a relationship to my great grandfather harry f williams.

but johnson is such a common name i’m having problems.

the reason i suspect a relationship is pretty interesting, i’ll write up the facts as follows:

i have her family back into sweden:
Carl August Johansson Kihlström
Birth 21 Nov 1841 in Ullasjö, Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län
Death 10 February 1878 in Inga, Ebbarp Östergård, sweden

Inga Sofia Johansdotter KILSTRÖM—>#1
Birth 1835 in Länghem, Älvsborg län, sweden
Death 25 March 1906 in sweden

but more importantly brothers:
Carl Rudolf Carlsson
Birth 27 jul 1874 in Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län (Västergötland), sweden
Jon Paulus Carlsson Kilström
Birth 17 JAN 1871 in Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län, sweden

Carl becomes
Charles Kilstorm in the US—>#2
Birth 27 jul 1874 in Svenljunga, Älvsborgs län (Västergötland)
Death 21 may 1913 in drowned vine st pier

the key piece of data is his directory listing him living with harry f and sophie at 506 n 8th in philadelphia. in 1903-1905
in 1910-1914 he is living with his sister or close by.
in 1914 he drowns, his brother in law Benjamin Johnson, identifies the body and is listed on the inquest.

my great grandfather the ever elusive harry f williams, disappears from the record soon thereafter.

if you’ve read this far. please see my blog entry at

so these are my kilstroms.
carl a, described as harry f’s cousin in 1902 boat manifest, marriage license has his father as Claf Kilstrom,
charles kilstrom, lives with harry and sophie in the early 1900’s. brother to theresa johnson.
john kilstrom who marries hilda, sophie’s sister.

i’m working with idea that theresa johnson’s mother is related to carl a’s father. and that harry is as well.
the curious fact i recently found plotting places in philadelphia is sophie moves near the johnson’s in 1920-21.
i think this is important.

i have an 1883 dir listing for harry william waiter in phila. this might to him. right area a few blocks from where he buys the restaurant in 1902. i do no have his immigration records nor are there other dir or census data. 1st confirmed bit is his and sophie’s marriage.

now if i can find a descendant of theresa and benjamin’s and if their dna shares with those family members i’ve already tested, then i’ll get busy on her in sweden.

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