how are some more certain of everything than i am of anything?….

lotteries are a tax on the innumerate

Posted by richard on March 30th, 2012

This is something i was thinking about while reading the thread-“Reasonable Faith: Question 82″, take a few minutes and read it first.

quote from the thread:
” And Dawkins is a wonderful science writer. Entertaining, and able to communicate complex concepts to the average educated reader.”

what makes Dawkins such an interesting and often persuasive writer?

i noticed this idea while reading the sequence of postings by Dudley Chapman:
“This is like trying to do astronomy by observing stars in the daytime and claiming that if astrophysics were true, we should see billions of stars.”

“It is a sophisticated version of people who say we cannot trust science because science once thought the earth was flat. He uses bigger words than that, but the argument is no less shameless.”

illustrations-visual examples-clever mental images

first, they lead into one of the strengths of the way our mind works.
second, we can remember them and we find picture naturally interesting.
lastly, we can play with the pictures in our head, if they click we find them persuasive.

i find one of the purposes of spending time online, to improve not only my own thinking but trying to write better. i think the use of images both like Dawkins and Dudley are good examples to think about.



this is an excellent science article. but it doesn’t have stickiness, it isn’t visual. how could i rewrite it to add that picture-bounce?

i read s.levy’s _in the plex_ yesterday. i can’t help but compare those recruited by google to the 20 year old NEET’s i see in around in my barrio. opportunity, intelligence, ambition, the troika that creates people. it is opportunity that sets googlers apart even more than their intelligence and ambition. tesla was a shepherd’s son in the mountains of Croatia when his family’s priest created the opportunity to go to the city for schooling. intelligence and ambition are mostly genetic but opportunity, that is societal. making opportunities available so that the brightest have a chance to learn, that will be increasing important as societies around the world advance technologically. and education, in many forms as the article points out, will be the linchpin of opportunity to learn.

refrain, we forgot what was important

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