how are some more certain of everything than i am of anything?….


Posted by richard on May 30th, 2012

passion is nice. but what if you are wrong? your passion blinds you to any alternatives, makes you certain when you ought not to be. it stops dialogue and learning. plus other people believe sincerity and passion are marks of truth, they are not, but rather are anchored in the personality of that believer. often the most sincere and passionate people are wrong, having been blinded by their passions to other people’s POV.

one curious thing is that only john bloom and hugh ross see an interpretive distance between their ideas and the text of the Bible. ken ham seems to talk like his interpretation is that of God Himself, period, no distance between his ideas and the text at all.

when i hear KH et al propound the meaning of the adamic curse i often wonder if we are even reading the same verses. God tells adam he will die the day he eats the fruit of the tree of G&E. but adam doesn’t die. rather God mitigates, He gracefully suspends this judgement, for a long time even. the curve is relational, it is adam relationship with the ground that God curves-it will bring forth weeds not wheat. it is eve’s relationship with her offspring that is cursed-painfully bring forth. YEC view the fall as this calamity where lions change their diet from vegies to lambs, where creation begins to lie to it’s observers. but the fall is not as much about state of being as relationships- man’s relationship to God is broken, man’s relationship to woman is shattered, ma’s relationship to work is made often futile. ┬áthe universe has not shifted into the realm of evil and malevolence-that is Manicheanism talking, that is augustine’s echo to us down through the ages. the universe is good, it reflects God’s character, it is our relationships with these things that has been broken, because we are fountains of rebellion against the Creator, not because evil is out there but because it is inside here.

i hope it doesn’t hurt their careers, they each have several stripes to lose. i suspect they regret the pictures now for the fallout threatens their kids future.

again showing that the issues are not really about the facts but how people see them, about our perceptions. we see the world completely differently in many ways and continually talk past each other.’s_tea_party_governor_trying_to_strip_voting_rights_from_thousands/


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